“The Seal Team” of Game Development

Hero Image

Star Atlas – Opal Jet

Star Atlas – Mierese Racer Tier 1

Star Atlas – Calico Medtech (Interior)

Deadhaus Sonata – Zorin

Star Atlas – Pearce X6 (Exterior)

Deadhaus Sonata – Banshee

Star Atlas – Concept Revolver

Deadhaus Sonata – Road to Jelrass

Star Atlas – Pearce X6 (Interior)

Star Atlas – Mierese Racer Tier 0

Star Atlas – Pearce Energy (CMD)

Deadhaus Sonata – Werebat Sculpt

Star Atlas – Calico Medtech (Exterior)

Star Atlas – MUD Repair Tier 0

Star Atlas – Ogrika Niruch

Deadhaus Sonata – N’Gaztak

Star Atlas – Pearce Energy (L)

Star Atlas – Photoli Variant

Star Atlas – Opal Jetjet

Star Atlas – Photoli

Deadhaus Sonata – Guardian of Atan

Star Atlas – Pearce X4

Deadhaus Sonata – Jelrass Outskirts

Star Atlas – Pearce Energy (S)

Warframe – Fortuna

Deadhaus Sonata – Danse Macabre

Warframe – Empyrean

Deadhaus Sonata – Legionnaire

Deadhaus Sonata – Legionnaire

Mania – Rune Master

Meet The Team

Our renowned team of developers have decades of combined experience working within the games sector, hailing from some of the industry’s most prestigious studios.

James Macleod

CEO/Creative Director

Max Cutler

Assistant Creative Director

Georgina Ballshaw

Studio Producer

Graeme Palmer

Principal Hard Surface Artist

Robin Karlsson

Senior Hard Surface artist

Laura Manners


Hannah Macleod

Account Director

Ashley Aslett

Senior Hard Surface Artist

Makhosethu Sibanda

Concept/Character Artist

Oleksii Scherback

Concept Artist

Ranjit Ghosh

Principle Character Artist

Sean Davies


Tushar Dobriyal

Senior Character Artist

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